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CNC P.T.P. Machining Centers For Sale

 Biesse CNC Machining Center 5 AXIS, Model: Rover A 1632 (ref-Biesse-Machining-Centers-1004.html)













Biesse CNC Machining Center 5 AXIS
Model: Rover A 1632, Year:2014
Working Fields:
X=3280mm, Y=1580 to 1660 mm According to working conditions
Z=180mm 5 Axis Unit and Boring with Modules H=74,
Z=225mm 5 Axis Unit Boring Unit with Modules H=29

Loaded Piece: Y=1900mm (That can be Extended up to 2100mm)
X=3706mm, Y=2294mm, Z1-515mm, Z2-371mm

Vacuum Pump 2 Working Zones, 13 K.W. Router Head Liquid Cooled
HSK F63 Adaptor, C AXIS 360 Degrees

ATS Advanced Table Setting, 6 ATS Panel Supports, 4 Lifting Bar Supports
SA Working Set Up Assistant 6 Rails

16 Position Revolving Tool Changer on the X-Axis
Rack Tool Changer with 12 Places, BHL24 Boring Head
13 Vertical Spindles (8 Spindles along X Axis) (5 Spindles along Y Axis)
5 Horizontal Spindles (3 along X Axis) (2 along Y Axis)
1 Saw Blade on X Axis, Belt Conveyor Chip Removal
Windows Based B Solid Package, Safety Mats